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Break a Wall - Live Longer!

No, it has nothing to do with the Berlin Wall or any manmade wall for that matter. This wall and the contents behind it may be better than any showcase showdown on the Price Is Right. This wall and the stuff inside it can help battle cancerous cells, destroy free radicals, increase one's immune system, improve wound healing, aid in digestion, slow aging, stimulate bowel function, detoxify the body, fight bad breath and odor, and provide a wealth of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and more.

So what in the world kind of walls are we talking about here? It is the intriguing single celled algae plant that we call chlorella. If anyone is interested in a turbo powered boost to their health status then read on. Just one tablespoon per day of this green wondrous algae plant will nourish your body with impressive amounts of vitamin A, C, E, B1, B2, B6, B12, and K. But wait, we are not done yet. Along with the aforementioned vitamins that chlorella delivers in every serving, it is also rich in protein. In fact, chlorella consists of more than 60% protein content and has been compared to that of animal derived proteins. It contains all the eight essential amino acids which makes it perfect for vegetarians who often find themselves deficient in proteins and vitamin B12. If this does not convince you then let's add in the fact that chlorella also contains niacin, pantothenic acid, folic acid, biotin, choline, inositol, and PABA, all vital to good health. Now we're talking right? Well, we are still not done with the nutritional benefits of this little guy. Let's not forget the abundance of minerals that chlorella contains also. Each serving delivers important minerals such as phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, sulphur, iron, calcium, manganese, copper, zinc, iodine, and cobalt. No wonder this plant has been around for over a billion years. Some scientists even claim that chlorella was one of the first plants to survive on earth during its early years. Chlorella is a nutritionist's marvel to explore and a true human super food to eat.

There is a slight downside to this great algae though. While it is true that chlorella is one of the most nutrient dense foods on the planet, it is also one of the toughest to digest by the human body in its natural form. So don't bother running out to that lake in the middle of Montana gathering up a handful of the green goo to eat. Each chlorella cell contains a triple layered wall that is very resilient to foreign invaders. It is this tough wall that makes it hard to digest and results in a substantial loss of nutrient absorption when eaten. Thanks to modern science though, several methods have been developed to break down or "crack" the cell wall of the chlorella cells for better digestion. The most common methods to accomplish this is either by blanching or milling the chlorella. This process makes the chlorella up to 90% more digestible than without the cell wall broken. Most reputable herb and specialty food stores will have broken cell wall chlorella for sale.

What exactly is chlorella you ask? Chlorella is a single celled freshwater algae that can be seen covering the tops of ponds in many regions of the U.S. and abroad. What is fascinating about chlorella is its ability to divide itself four times in as little as sixteen hours. This cell division property makes chlorella easy to produce over a small area. In fact, over forty tons of chlorella can be harvested over a relatively small one acre area of space. In addition to the surplus of nutrients chlorella contains, it is also composed of about fiver percent chlorophyll, more than most plants.Chlorophyll is also utilized by our body to help aid in cold and flu resistance and help guard against other bacteria.

The health benefits of chlorella are endless and it should be considered as an addition to anyone's vitamin cabinet. The most effective way to reap the benefits of chlorella is to buy the pure power. Just a tablespoon per day is all that is needed. Many people enjoy the powder in a daily health shake, add it to salads, or simply mix it in a few ounces of water. We highly recommend avoiding those mass produced tablets, capsules, or liquid chlorella supplements. Many of these are diluted and made with fillers. Also these products have often been sitting on shelves for months or years which can render them practically useless. Buying your chlorella in it purest powdered form will usually guarantee the most potent nutritional content and gives the best bang for one's buck. Make sure to ask if the chlorella you are buying is "broken wall" or "cracked wall". Any reputable herb store should be aware of what this is and most will only carry this type as without the cell wall broken, the nutrients will otherwise be wasted.

Stephen Sharp, the founder of Florida Herb House in Daytona Beach, Florida and a global supplier of pure chlorella powder ( - has shared with us his secret chlorella drink recipe that incorporates chlorella and other green super foods for a blast of healthy goodness. This "drink of life" can be used daily or just a couple times per week to aid in a healthy body. Here is the recipe - enjoy!

Chlorella Drink of Life

4-6 oz - Aloe Juice (or spring water)

4 oz - Frozen Fruits (from freezer aisle of supermarket)

1 tbsp - Broken Wall Chlorella Powder

1 tbsp - Wheatgrass Powder

1 tbsp - Brown Flax Seeds

5-7 Ice Cubes

Directions: Blend on hi for 30 seconds, add an optional scoop of natural ice cream for a sweet treat.

Pour and serve! Equal to over 3 servings of fruits and vegetables.

D. Thomas

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