Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Natural Wheatgrass Juice Powder - Nutrient Dense!!

Happy Tuesday Blogger Friends!!!

A quick note on our ever so popular all natural wheatgrass juice powder concentrate!!!! Get a full 38 servings of pure and all powerful wheatgrass juice powder! We are so excited to finally complete our partnership for what we think is the best outdoor grown wheatgrass around. Our farm fresh wheatgrass juice powder is of superior grade and quality. Just a tablespoon per day mixed with four ounces of water or juice and your body will be smiling. It takes about ten pounds of fresh young wheatgrass to make about one pound of wheatgrass juice which in turn makes only a few ounces of freeze dried juice powder. This is one of the most nutritious drinks on the planet!
Imagine a food that actually contains nearly every known mineral, very high amounts of essential amino acids, vitamins and enzymes and can protect us from carcinogens like no other food or medicine can. A food that strengthens our cells, detoxifies the liver, bloodstream, and chemically neutralizes environmental pollutants. What you just read above is all fact it's not something we came up with to make you buy our wheatgrass. It's what many people have found from using and testing wheatgrass over many years.
Packed Fresh To Order In Our Flavor Savor Foil Bags! Our Herbs Are Absolutely The Purest And Freshest Shipped To Your Door! We Buy Direct From The Growers And Store All Our Precious Herbs In Climate/Light Controlled "Waiting Rooms"! See Why Sharp Labs Is Your #1 Source For Premium Gourmet Herbs, Spices, Nuts, Seeds, Oils And More!
Suggested Use: Mix 1 tablespoon of our farm fresh wheatgrass juice powder with four ounces water, juice, smoothie, salad dressing, or other food. Best taken on an empty stomach and ensure six glasses of water daily.
Wheatgrass juice is so difficult to make that even today it is hardly commercially available. Even if you find it or try to grow it yourself, the quality is usually so poor that it makes it very hard to continuu grwoing and juicing on your own. We are here to help with the best wheatgrass products available and priced fairly so as not to empty your wallet!
Over the years, wheatgrass juice has developed a large following of people who have seen and experienced the benefits. Exciting results and genuine enthusiasm have created a number of bold statements about why wheatgrass juice is so good; including:

- 1 fl. oz. of wheatgrass juice is equivalent to 2 1/2 pounds of the choicest vegetables
- wheatgrass is mineral rich and contains 92 minerals needed by the body

- it is a complete protein containing 20+ amino acids and has higher protein densities than any other food source
- the magic is in the enzymes with more than 30 found in the juice
- the juice is 70% chlorophyll and since the chlorophyll molecule is virtually identical to hemoglobin (red blood cells that carry oxygen), wheatgrass juice will oxygenate your body
- an as of yet unidentified, tiny molecule is responsible for the positive effects
Wheatgrass juice is potent raw, living food. The grass itself comes from the common wheat plant (species triticum aestivum) when it is young, vibrant and full of rich green chlorophyll. When the grass is squeezed, a dark green liquid is expressed and this is called wheatgrass juice.
Wheatgrass is harvested for juicing when the grass reaches its nutritional peak. This is just before the jointing stage, when the plant is between 7 and 11 inches tall. At this point, it has accumulated energy which will soon power a massive growth spurt. It is this energy that is captured in the juice.

Stephen Sharp

Monday, June 7, 2010

What Is A Superfood

We so often hear the word "Superfood" thrown about like a worn pillow but what really is a "Superfood"? Well we agree with WikiPedia which claims a superfood is:

"A term sometimes used to describe food with high phytonutrient content that may confer health benefits as a result. For example, blueberries are often considered a superfood (or superfruit) because they contain significant amounts of antioxidants, anthocyanins, vitamin C, manganese, and dietary fiber. The term is not in common currency amongst dieticians and nutritional scientists, many of whom dispute the claims made that consuming particular foodstuffs can have a health benefit. There is no legal definition of the term and it has been alleged that this has led to it being over-used as a marketing tool."

So why do we sell more of our "Green SuperFood" powders than any other product you ask? Well the above answer should explain. Florida Herb House sells the purest blends of organic and all natural green superfoods, seaweeds, and blue-green algae powders for some of the most nutrient dense products on the planet!!

Follow this blog which will explore several of the top ten superfood powders and their endless health benefits. If you want to learn more about Florida Herb House and their complete line of "Green Superfood Powders" then visit us at any of our three locations online eSuperFoods.com, SharpWebLabs, or Florida Herb House.

We wish you well on your quest to fight back against processed foods, artificial colors/flavors, pollution, and so many other health risks we expose our family and loved ones to every day! Put some superfoods in your body today and smile!

Stephen Sharp